Why Cycling?

Most people that have had more than a five-minute conversation with me would probably tell you that I’m absolutely obsessed with cycling. Hell, a quick scroll through any of my social media accounts betrays how deep bikes have infiltrated my life. If it has two wheels and is pedal powered, I’m happy.

So, the question is this: “Why Cycling?”  Well, there are two answers. If you don’t  want to read a whole blog post of me ranting and raving about how much cycling has changed my life and how much it means to me, here’s the simple answer: Everyone needs a passion in life, mine just happens to be cycling. Keep reading if you want to know the full cheesy answer.


Over the last few years, I’ve struggled with varying degrees of anxiety and depression.  The one thing that has helped the most is cycling. Cycling takes the bundle of nerves and energy that I can turn into and gives me something to focus on.

When I’m out on a bike, the only thing left in my head is a sense of calm focus on my pedalling, my breath, and enjoying the sights and sounds of where I may be riding. No matter what is in my head, getting out to ride helps distill it down to the most basic parts. After a ride, I feel much more relaxed and able to face the other aspects of my life. I’m a firm believer in Cycology!


One of the best things about cycling is being able to explore new places and discover new things. While I haven’t had the chance to go anywhere out of the ordinary yet, cycling has helped me to discover the hidden little corners of Ontario that normally I would speed past if I were in a car.

Taking time to slow down and observe the world from another perspective is amazing. There is nothing greater than some of the sunsets, sunrises, meadows, and wildlife I’ve been lucky enough to witness.


Last season, I signed up for my local cycling club. I was pretty nervous showing up for my first group ride. Coming from a mountain biking background I was worried about the stereotype that road bikers are elitist and reluctant to put up with newbies.  Instead, I was welcomed by a group of some of the kindest people I’ve ever shared a road with. They were eager to share their passion for cycling with new people and took the time to explain every aspect of the sport at a speed that everyone was comfortable. I went from dreading the first Wednesday night group ride, to counting down the days until the next time I ‘d be in a rotating pace line.


I guess that what I’m trying to say with all this longwinded talk about cycling is; it’s important to find your passion.  Whether it’s cycling, running, sewing, drawing, or anything else, if you can find the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning, everything else will fall into place. I promise.



2 thoughts on “Why Cycling?

  1. needlesedge says:

    I also suffer with anxiety and depression and have been looking into something to possibly give me some more direction. I have followed you on the social medias for awhile and was so excited when you posed about this blog becoming a thing. Looks like I might have to invest in getting on a bike seems to have everything I need in my life right now. A release and a way to get away from everything.


    • David says:

      Thanks for reaching out! I can’t say that a bike will solve everything that you’re going through, but it can definitely provide a release. If a bike is a little too much of an investment, I’ve heard running can do the same sort of thing for a lot of people.

      Goodluck with everything, it will get better 🙂


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